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What is Raspberry Ketone and How it Works?

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Raspberry Ketone Bottle

Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned doctor, author, and popular TV host, recently named Raspberry Ketones a "miracle fat-burner."  The trusted host of The Dr. Oz ShowTM spoke about the benefits and science behind this all-natural raspberry derivative.

This natural phenolic compound creates the sweet smell of raspberries, and has been publicly heralded as a potent fat burner.  Studies have supported the fact that raspberry ketone promotes weight loss, increased metabolic functions and curbs appetite.

Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss

As raspberry ketones continue to make headlines, more and more consumers are demanding this effective, powerful supplement.  Our Raspberry Ketone Pure PlusTM formula is a great solution to meeting the growing customer needs!

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Raspberry Ketones work by supporting Lipolysis and Thermogenesis. Lypolysis is the process where fat stored in the body is broken down into simpler compounds such as free fatty acids and glycerol, and in turn produces energy, rather than being stored as fat. Thermogenesis is the bodys process of burning fat by producing heat to oxidize fat. These two processes combine to work as a team to support a healthy weight loss program.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement Facts